A.  ACCIC or “The club” means American Cryptocurrency Investment Club, formed as a General Partnership on 7/1/2017.

B. “Partner” shall be a fully vested Person in the ACCIC or a member for (one) 1 full year.

C. “Member” shall be a person who is participating in the ACCIC that is neither fully vested nor a participant for one (1) full year.

D. “Founder” shall mean the Person who initialized these By-Laws


A. TheACCIC officers shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer once full membership has been obtained.  The Founder shall serve in all capacities until an annual meeting has 4 or more Partners

B. Duties of the Officers will include, but not be limited to, the following:

The PRESIDENT will appoint committees, oversee all ACCIC activities, and preside over all ACCIC meetings. The PRESIDENT will have the power to create and conduct an agenda for all meetings, and may enforce or waive formalities of such an agenda. The PRESIDENT will have the power to recommend disciplinary action to any Partner who, in the opinion of a member of the ACCIC, is considered to have acted contrary to the provisions of these By Laws or has displayed negligence in the performance of duties or expectations. The PRESIDENT will also have the power to BUY and SELL securities in absence of the TREASURER.

The VICE PRESIDENT will assume the duties of the PRESIDENT when absent or unable to serve the office. The VICE PRESIDENT will be responsible for the activities, progress, and reports of all committees that are formed. The VICE PRESIDENT is also in charge of all educational activities.

The SECRETARY will keep a record of ACCIC business and issue a report of all meetings. The SECRETARY will be responsible for all correspondence pertaining to the ACCIC , including the distribution of reports from meetings, officers and committees. Upon notification by the PRESIDENT or the TREASURER; the SECRETARY will issue a notice to any Partner regarding any fines or disciplinary action, and include the reason and decision for the action. The SECRETARY must keep e-copies of all ACCIC correspondence.

The TREASURER will keep record of all ACCIC financial activities, calculate and distribute valuation statements each quarter, and any other statistical reports required. The TREASURER will maintain records accounting for the ACCIC  financial operation, assets, and individual account value.

The TREASURER will serve as agent for the Partnership to place BUY and SELL orders; and will distribute and collect funds. The TREASURER will be responsible for all cash and broker transactions; the collection of dues; and notifying the SECRETARY of Partners in default of dues.

Officers will be elected by the total Partnership one year after the founding of theACCIC and to one-year terms at duly called Annual meetings thereafter. Officers may succeed themselves in office upon re-election.

Annually, the current President shall call for nominations from the ACCIC for all officer positions. The ACCIC shall then elect the above officers following the voting procedures described below. The officers shall assume their duties on July 1 of that year.

E. Any officer position that becomes vacant during the year shall be filled as soon as possible following the same nomination and voting procedure described above.

F. Each office shall be held by a different person.

G. Each officer is encouraged to appoint an assistant.


A. Everyone who participates is considered an ACCIC Member.

A. All ACCIC Partners shall participate in ongoing activities of the ACCIC by:

  • Preparing and posting analyses or other assignments to further the investment endeavors of the ACCIC ;
  • Being fully vested (200% of payments in club fund) or a member for 1 full year
  • Making regular annual payments to the ACCIC
  • Keeping a current mailing address and/or Bitcoin wallet addressand/or e-mail address on file with the Secretary at all times;
  • Reviewing monthly and year-end ACCIC reports, including all financial and tax-information reports, and;
  • Vote in at least one half (50%) of all ACCIC elections during any year.


A. Regular meetings will be held yearly. Meetings shall be held on the first Saturday of each June, 6 PM at the ACCIC Website. E-mailed notices shall be sent to each Partner at least one week in advance of the meeting.

B. The 1st Saturday of June is designated for the Annual meeting. At the Annual meeting all Partners will be issued the Annual Report and ACCIC elections will be conducted. The Secretary will give notice to the Partnership as to the time, date, and location of the Annual Meeting and issue a proxy for the election of Officers to the entire Partnership.

C. Special meetings may be called by the President or any two officers of the ACCIC upon verbal or written notice to the members of the ACCICgiven no less than 1 week in advance.

D. The presence or duly executed proxies of sixty percent (60%) of the Partners of the ACCIC including at least one Officer of the ACCICwill constitute a quorum sufficient to transact business.


A. A monthly valuation statement shall list all assets, at cost and market values, and liabilities of ACCIC as of the fifth day BEFORE the monthly meeting.

B. The Treasurer shall also prepare a summary statement of capital accounts maintained in the name of each Partner.

C. The annual ACCIC accounting shall show the distribution of club funds, including payments, growth, and the club charitable fund.


A. The right to vote is limited to active Partners.

B. Approved methods of voting are VERBAL, SIMPLE MAJORITY, TWO-THIRDS MAJORITY, POINT SYSTEM BALLOT, WRITTEN BALLOT, WEIGHTED BALLOT and PROXY. However, in the absence of a formal motion to conduct a given vote in another manner, all votes shall be carried by a simple majority of the active Partners.

C. The above notwithstanding, any given vote will be on a weighted basis so that the value of a respective Partner’s vote is in direct proportion to the value of his/her capital account measured against the aggregate value of all capital accounts comprising the asset base of the Partnership, as established in the most recent valuation statement duly prepared and presented by the Treasurer.

D. Any change to the weighted ballot voting method above can be passed by either a 2/3 majority or a weighted ballot vote.

E. Partners will be entitled to submit three proxies per calendar year.


A. Partners are permitted to invite guests to attend regularly scheduled meetings.

B. Guests are invited to participate in the meetings and encouraged to join ACCIC.

C. The number of Partners and members is unlimited.

D. The acceptance of new members will be automatic once deposit in accordance to the Payments section have been made.


A. TheACCIC may maintain checking account(s) at the bank(s) that the ACCIC deems necessary or desirable, or may operate only with the brokers’ account or on cryptocurrency exchange(s)

B. TheACCIC may engage one or more broker(s) as it deems necessary or desirable.

C. TheACCIC shall request the bank or broker to send statements directly to both the Treasurer and Secretary, or the Treasurer will send the electronic statement to the Secretary and, if requested, the President.

D. TheACCIC shall instruct the broker(s) that all requests for funds shall be made in writing and be signed by two (2) officers of the ACCIC. However, only one (1) signature shall be required for trading purposes.


A. Payments in multiples of ten dollars ($10) and not totaling less than fifty dollars ($50) per member are due and payable at the beginning of a membership and every year thereafter. Members may contribute more than the minimum at any time if they choose so.  Partners may agree to change the minimum amount at any time after the first election has occurred.

B. No member may make a payment exceeding 20% ($1,000) of the balance of the Founder’s Fund ($5,000) or exceed the balance of the Club Fund once members begin to convert to partners

C. If available and desired, members may arrange for automatic quarterly withdrawal from the member’s personal checking or other account to be deposited into the ACCIC account. Any expense for this shall be borne by the individual member.

D. Non-payment for a year shall cause a member or Partner to be designated inactive. The Treasurer shall notify the Secretary of any inactive Partners and voting rights are removed for the following quarter.

E. Non-payment for two consecutive years shall be deemed written notice of withdrawal.  Disbursement of all funds minus the fees in the by-laws will be executed.


A. From time to time, the ACCIC may request a Partner to purchase goods or services for the benefit of the ACCIC . Upon request of the Partner, the cost of such expenditure shall be reimbursed by the ACCIC upon furnishing receipts for such purchase.

B. After elections are held, the President may authorize expenditures of less than $25. The total of such Presidential expenditures shall not exceed $100 in any calendar year.

C. Expenditures of $25 or more shall be authorized only by an ACCIC vote.


A. There shall be no jointly owned capital accounts.


A. Failure by a Partner of the ACCIC to fulfill the duties as previously defined for three (3) consecutive quarters shall be deemed cause for consideration. Such removal shall be deemed written notice of withdrawal and all funds will be disbursed minus any fees according to the by-laws.


A. These Bylaws may be amended by an ACCIC vote at any meeting and shall be required to be reviewed in its entirety at the annual meeting.


A. Investments will be made equally to the top five (5) cryptocurrencies in market share according to  Whenever investment growth exceeds 20%, another cryptocurrency shall be added.  This cycle shall continue through the top 20 which are also listed at

B. Whenever a single cryptocurrency has 20% more value than another single cryptocurrency, a rebalancing will be executed.

C. All Payments shall be fully backed by the Founder’s separate fund until such time that the club fund matches the amount of payments.

D. The club fund shall be funded at 100% of the growth by each member.  Once the share of a member’s club fund reaches the amount of their payments, the member will be considered a Partner.

E. Partners’ growth will be kept in the club fund.

F. Losses incurred and reimbursed by the founder during the first year shall be reimbursed to the founder by growth, if any during the first year.

G. Partners may withdraw funds from their account and their account at any time.

H. Members may withdraw funds from their account after a one (1) year vesting period.  If a member transitions to partner during their first year, they may withdraw funds at any time.

I. All withdrawals will be paid in Bitcoin or Dollars, depending on the Partner’s preference.

J. All withdrawals beyond the payments madeare subject to a 5% relinquished contribution to the Club Charitable Fund.  All payment balance withdrawals have no relinquished contributions.

K. All withdrawals will reduce the payment balance of a partner first, then the growth balance.

L. The Club growth balance shall have a relinquished contribution of 5% to the Club Charitable Fund annually.

M. Once fees have been assessed on growth, the growth balance is now treated as a payment balance, preventing double fees in the future.


A. The Club Fund shall be used to back any losses of new members in lieu of the founder fund when the club fund is greater than the initial payment balances in totality.

B. The Club Fund shall pay a 1% founder’s fee annually to the Founder in perpetuity and cannot be challenged, amended, or prohibited.  This payment shall be made in the cryptocurrency of the founder’s choice.

C. After all fees have been applied, 50% of the Club Charitable Fund shall be contributed to the Wounded Warriors Project or any other charitable cause that partners have voted to donate to.  The 50% held in reserve is to facilitate growth of the fund.

D. The Club Fund and the Club Charitable Fund will be invested in the same proportion as the ACCIC


A. All Account balances along with Account Numbers will be publicly available through or GoogleDocs and updated twice weekly at a minimum.

B. The Founder’s Reimbursement Fund Balance can be viewed at with the wallet address to be e-mailed to all members/partners.


Member 1 makesa payment totaling $200.  Quarter 1 sees this drop to $150.  Member 1 has an account value of $200.  $150 from payments and $50 reimbursed by the Founder.  Quarter 2 sees the account rise to $350.  $50 goes back to the Founder for reimbursement.  The member has an account value of $300, $200 from payments and $100 from growth in the club fund.  Quarter 3, the account rises to $450.  Member 1 has $200 from payments and $250 in the club fund.  Member 1 is now a Partner and may withdraw at any time.  Member 1 is accorded all the rights and privileges of a Partner.  Quarter 4 sees the account balance at $500.  Partner 1 has $200 in payments and $300 in the club fund.  Partner 1 relinquishes 5% of growth ($15) to the club charitable fund, bringing account total to $485.  Partner 1 relinquishes 1% of growth to the Founder ($3) bringing the account to $482.  Partner 1 withdraws $250, bringing the Payment balance to 0 and taking $50 from the growth.  $2.50 is taken from the growth withdrawal for a relinquished contribution to the club charitable fund.  Partner 1 has a balance of $232 remaining in the club fund now treated as a payment balance, $200 in hand from the payment balance, $47.50 in hand from the club fund growth, paid the charitable fund $17.50, and paid the founder $3.

Member 2 pays $50 for the year.  Quarter 1 sees the investment grow to $100.  Member 2 has an account value of $100 with $50 in the payment Account and $50 in the club fund.  Member 2 is now a Partner and may withdraw at any time.  Member 2 is accorded all the rights and privileges of a Partner.  Quarter 2 sees the investment fall to $75.  Partner 2 has an account value of $75 with $50 in the payment account and $25 in the club fund.  Quarter 3 sees the investment grow to $140.  Partner 2 has an account value of $140 with $50 in the payment account and $90 in the club fund.  Quarter 4 sees the investment rise to $150.  Partner 2 has $50 in the payment account and $100 in the club fund.  Partner 2 relinquishes 5% of growth ($5) to the club charitable fund, bringing account total to $145.  Partner 2 relinquishes 1% of growth to the Founder ($1) bringing the account to $144.  Partner 2 withdraws $50, bringing the Payment balance to 0.  Partner 2 has a balance of $94 in the club fund, $50 in hand from the payment balance, paid the charitable fund $5, and paid the founder $1.

You invest a minimum of 50 bucks and no more than $1,000 in the first year.

If you lose any money in the first year, you will be reimbursed by me 100%.

You cannot touch this money until it doubles or you have been in the club for a year. The absolute worst case scenario is you putting $50 in this year and then getting $50 back next year.

When it doubles or you have been a member for a year, you become a partner and can withdraw whatever is in your account any time you wish.

If you cash out some or all of your growth, 5% goes to the charity fund and 1% goes to me.  If you do not cash out any of your growth, then 5% goes to the charity fund and 1% goes to me after 1 year.  The original payments you put in are NEVER subject to fees.  This means the charities and I get paid by the club only if/when you get paid by the club.

You cannot lose.  I am taking all the risk.

You will be assigned an account number and be able to check your balances anytime you want on line.  This file will be updated at least twice a week.

Once the club is up and running for a year and we have 4 or morepartners, then we’ll hold elections for President/VP/Sec/Treasurer.  Until then, it’s me.

This is your chance to get into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with absolutely no risk AND if things go the way I expect, making an impact with charitable giving while giving you 100x your investment over 5 years.  Yes, I expect $50 this year to be worth $4,703within 5 years after fees of 0.000186 Bitcoin to me and $247.50 to the Wounded Warriors.