I am proud to announce the creation of The American Cryptocurrency Investment Club.

The purpose of this club is to introduce people to the evolution of money while making a difference for worthy causes. The first being Wounded Warriors.

The idea behind the club is this:

You deposit a minimum of $50 and no more than $1,000 in the first year. You cannot withdraw this money until it doubles or you have been in the club for a year, whichever comes first.

If you lose any money at the end of the first year, you will be reimbursed by me 100%. This offer is good for the first $5,000 deposited into the club. I will have a separate fund matching every dollar deposited linked to this fund that will cover all losses.

The absolute worst case scenario is you putting $50 in this year, the cryptocurrency market crashes, and then you withdraw your original $50 back next year. You cannot lose any money on this club. I am taking on 100% of the risk.

When it doubles or you have been a member for a year, whichever comes first, you become a partner and can withdraw whatever is in your account any time you wish.

If you cash out some or all of your growth, a 5% fee goes to the charity fund and 1% fee goes to me. If you do not cash out any of your growth, then a 5% fee on your growth goes to the charity fund and a 1% fee on your growth goes to me after 1 year. The deposits you put in and any growth you let carry over after 1 year are NEVER subject to these fees. This means the charities and I get paid by the club only if and when you gain value.

When you join, you will be assigned an account number and be able to check your balances anytime you want on line. This file will be updated at least twice a week and most likely daily.

Once the club is up and running for a year after we have 4 or more partners, then we’ll hold elections for President/VP/Sec/Treasurer each year. Until then, I will be filling all of these offices.

This is an opportunity to get into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with absolutely no risk AND to make an impact with charitable giving. My projections are that funds will average returns of about 150% each year. For every hundred dollars deposited, I expect you to gain another $150 on top of that.

Take a look at our By-Laws for more information on how the ACCIC works.